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   About J S M Hospital
JSm Hospital is a seventy bedded maternity hospital situated at Chathannoor, Kollam by the NH -47 Trivandrum to Kollam segment.

The hospital has been functioning since 1996. In the maternity and Pediatric specialties and has been in the fore front in this field with over 2000 deliveries per year.

During the last six years we are engaged in a new modalities of therapy. The Gynecology field is Laparoscopic Surgery .

We have undertaken about 1500 Laparoscopic Surgery cases with minimal complications.

   Our Doctors
Dr. Jayadharan DGO with 24 year experience.

1987 to 1990 – Holycross Hospital Kottiyam.
1990 to 1993 – Fathima Mission Hospital Kozhuvanal Pala
1993 to 1995 - Holycross Hospital Kottiyam.
1996 to 2011 – JSM Hospital Chathannoor.

Dr. Vijaya.K DGO With 26 year experience.

Our Anesthesiologists
Dr.K. Sujaya DA DNB with 25 year experience.
1986 to 87 – Shivagiri SNMM Hospital varkala
1987 to 1990 - Holycross Hospital Kottiyam.
1990 to 1993 – Tutor Medical college Kottayam
1993 to 1996 – Asst Professor Medical college Trivandrum
1996 to 1997 - Asst Professor Medical college Trichur
1997 to 2011 – Anesthesiologists JSM Hospital Chathannoor