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Laparoscopic Sterilisation
   Laparoscopic Sterilisation
JSM Hospital is a 70 bedded hospital. Laparoscopic surgeries are done in this hospital since 2004. Laparoscopic Sterilisation is done as a single day procedure. It is done two months after delivery. It can be done later also. It is ideally done within 10 days after periods.

A patient who wants to undergo laparoscopic sterilisation should have a medical checkup to assess fitness for general anesthesia. On the day of surgery the patient should come to the hospital early in the morning on empty stomach. Surgery is done in the morning and the patient can be discharged in the evening or the next morning.

Laparoscopic Sterilization is done by applying falope rng to occlude the tubes. There will be no visible scars. No rest is required for the patient. She can resume normal work the next day itself.

for patients who come from distant places, the hospital makes arrangements to receive the patients from Quilon Railway Station or Thiruvananthapuram Airport .

Our gynecology surgeons:
Dr V Jayadharan DGO - 25 years experience
Dr Vijaya Karunakaran DGO - 23 years experience

Our anaestheologist: Dr K Sujaya DA DNB previously Asst professor Medical College, Kottayam - 26 years experience

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e mail: jydhrn@yahoo.co.in